The Cloudie TV Demo channel is Rathergood Dance, a dance music tv channel that has around 16 minutes of advertising per hour all using full 1080HD.

The channel has a managed shedule that works out the time of day for the content and the metadata driven motion graphics with the whole solution requiring about 5-8 hours of work per week for new content, audeince reporting and rescheduling for the coming week.

The channel is produced in 4k and then transcoded into 12 difference formats with 5 variable bit rates and is available in SRT, MPEG-TS and RTMP for onward distribution as well as in multibit rate HLS, DASH and HDS video formats.

Cloud Playout
Cloud Playout made simple

When watching the Cloudie TV Demo you can see when we enter an advertisement break that there is a Kapang sponsor bumper going into and out of the break, commonly called a bumper. This bumper allows for the system to signal start and end of the ad breaks, but also provides a flexible and seamless cut for the advertising break to provide a broadcast experience.

When the ads are being replaced you will see a thumbs up symbol in the top right-hand corner, this shows a paying advert is being replaced and this ad has been transacted programmatically via our supplier Videologic, who provides all of our ad fill and manage any ad fill you might have.